HI, IM John Masters

I have been an Atlanta Entrepreneur for over 30 years.

My participation in small business has taken me From the Board Rooms & Vaults of the largest Banks in the World to the Offices & Warehouses of the largest Computer Brokers in America and almost everywhere in-between.

I have been the President & vice President of several Atlanta based businesses & managed millions of dollars in Atlanta Real Estate while simultaneously running several successful youtube, ebay, Amazon & .com enterprises.

And, although the road behind me is long, it is only the Beginning!

It is with this Attitude, and the belief that Helping Others, Hard Work & Trust in my Team are the Keys to Success, that I will bring my Vision and Passion into the next John Masters Enterprise.

And Remember, If you are dealing with “a John Masters Enterprise” you are dealing with me!

John Masters
Founder & CEO