1970 Brunswick “Personal” Full-Splice 2-Piece Pool Cue

This Pool Cue was manufactured by Brunswick in 1970, One year after famed Pool Cue Builder David Helmstetter, the Inventor of the best selling golf club in history “THE CALLAWAY BIG BIRTHA”, had partnered with Yuji Miki, Creator of Mezz Cues, to start manufacturing Pool Cues in Japan under the name of “Adams Cues”

Although This Brunswick “Personal” Cue is NOT an Original TITLIST cue, it is a “Full-Splice” Cue made by the Duard “Schmelke Company” for Brunswick and sent to Japan to be Finished by “Adams Cues” rather than be completed fully in house in the USA as “Schmelke” had done for Brunswick in 1969. This is evidenced by the matching serial #s which are stamped in both the shaft & the Butt very near the joint pin in order to match the Butts & Shafts back together when the cues were shipped back to America to be sold.

If you have this cue but DO NOT see these #s, you have a 1969 Model.

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